Monday, January 4, 2010


Happy New Year!

My mom and I went out to the Huntington Library a few days ago. It was a bit crowded for my taste, (I'm guessing all the folks who come out for the rose bowl/parade have to do something else before they leave town) but I'm planning on going back soon; the camellias are on the verge of blooming like crazy all over the gardens. I'm also thinking of planting a couple of camellias in my own garden.

We also found a beautiful (although sad and sorta creepy) pomegranate tree that had lost its leaves for the season, but still had some dry, bird-eaten pomegranates on it. Lovely!

We overheard an excited little boy who summed up the experience of the Huntington Gardens well: "I never know nature could be so fun!!"

1 comment:

Karin Grow said...

Oh, I love the gardens there. Hope you made it through the crowds to the bamboo forest. It's so beautiful.

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