Thursday, November 19, 2009

Crazy busy days.

My brother is visiting from Austin. We went to a childhood friend's wedding on Saturday night at the LA Cathedral. Like many good weddings, it ended with the centerpieces coming apart on the floor. I didn't drink much at all at the wedding, but it was a late night and a very very early morning.

Patchwork was Sunday in Santa Ana. And exhausting. Liz and I made some money...see?

Monday my brother and I spent some time running around town, and I started getting ready for this weekend.

Tuesday I taught. And critiqued.

Wednesday I made a turkey. My brother and I went to our Grandma and Aunt's for an early Thanksgiving. I cooked a really good dinner all by my little bony self, and it was thoroughly exhausting. I slept really well last night, but this morning came early again.

Today is teaching and more prep work for this weekend. What's this weekend?

I'm teaching another two-day bookbinding workshop at Surface Gallery in Bakersfield. Not ready, but looking forward to it.

I'm also getting work ready to take to Henry Road and a group show at Happy.

There are other things I am doing and thinking about and photographing. And the weather is getting pretty. And I'm looking forward to california wintertime.

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Wes said...

I cant believe I am going to miss another book making workshop.

the first two came up at bad times, and now we are moving, and I cant afford the $80

My Goal is to make it to one of them, I know they are a big hit, so there are bound to be many more!

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