Friday, August 21, 2009

Better than Fine.

Every post needs a picture.....

Today is my two-year Californiversary. I am proud of myself for being capable of maneuvering around this metropolis, and I can drive in traffic without freaking out.

I can do all kinds of things without freaking out, folks.

I also know the bits and pieces of Los Angeles (and California) that I love, and am continuing to make discoveries.

I love my apartment, and am looking forward to "settling in" in the coming months. Its good to be home. I am pleased to report that my plants miraculously survived their recent neglect.

Everyone wins!

Today has been good: It was surprisingly cool and grey for August, and I even saw a few (a very few) raindrops. I walked to the grocery store, and the post office, and the bank. Then I drove out to CSUN to turn in some paperwork and get my parking tag, and other start-of-the-semester business. Now I need to get to work on the actual planning for my classes.....

Say, I reopened my Etsy store, although I have yet to post any new work. Soon, dear friends, soon.

And now I shall see about a cup of tea.


Jerry said...

i'm digging the young ryker and troy on the tv!

- jerry

Michelle C. Moode said...

yeah! so was I!

Hashi said...

I saw you and your work at the Printers Faire today. <3 love! <3

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