Sunday, July 19, 2009

This is where I am.

and these are my feet, and this was taken with my new digital camera.

all is well on the mountain; we're just getting started, although I've been here since Friday morning. The journey here from LA was sort of hellish, but on my connection from Atlanta to Asheville, I heard a familiar voice say, "Michelle?" from across the aisle. My very dear ol' friend Freya, whom I know from 2003, had been on a similarly hellish red-eye from San Francisco. Both of us barely conscious, and a happy and unexpected reunion of two west coast girls en route to Penland.

You see? Old friends do sometimes find each other again unexpectedly. And all is well, all over the place.


brian faini said...


joAnn said...

In recent years I have begun taking photos of landscapes including my feet. I think it lends a certain sense of space to the surroundings and reminds me of how it felt to be there. I like this one very much!

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