Sunday, January 18, 2009

The newest new you ever knew.

I'm back from faraway, and unusually optimistic about the months ahead.

I'm still healing from the wisdom teeth episode, but it is a great relief knowing that they can't bother me anymore. And yeah, I kept them:

Besides the teeth, this caribbean blue le creuset cast iron pot is new:

My family and I watched all three seasons of "arrested development" over the holidays, while I spun lots of yarn:

oh, and this is new to me:

There are more new pictures on my flickr page, I listed new-ish pieces for sale in my etsy shop, and much more news to share in the coming days....stay tuned.


A Beautiful Party said...

beautiful teeth. so perfect for you!

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Nice juxtaposition of teeth and violets! Congratulations on surviving the extraction.

Robin said...

pulled tomorrow and this picture scares me! I also love you art.

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