Monday, November 3, 2008


I started this blog to write about my news, but the difficult thing is, when I have lots going on....I never have the time to write anything for my blog.

So that's annoying.

It's finally cooling off a bit in LA, but there's no knowing if it will stay as pretty as it is today. We had some rain on Saturday; I even heard thunder, which is pretty rare out here.

On Saturday I went to my friend Jennifer Anderson's opening at JK Gallery in Culver City. Jennifer's work is always beautiful, but I was amazed to discover that she also makes her own frames. New-found respect, for sure!

Take a look at the amazing amazingness on "stitch spectacular"......"on the poking edge of embroidery."

On Friday I'm driving to Bakersfield to go to an opening at Surface Gallery....why Bakersfield?

Why not!?

On November 30, I will be at the Eagle Rock Center for the Arts annual holiday sale thingy. I participated in this event last year, and it was a really good day. If you're in Los Angeles, come check it out! And if you do come, make sure you stop by That Yarn Store in Eagle Rock. It's my favorite yarn store, although unfortunately I haven't been there in some time...but really, I don't need any more yarn in my life right now.

Oh yes, an Etsy treasury called "cold november rain":

Links to these good people:

My amazing friend Abbey, of hownowdesign

More good things to talk about soon. I can't tell all in a single post.

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robin said...

Wow! What a happy surprise to be included in your treasury. Thank you!

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