Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Here's the auction crew-chief picture, taken at the annual sunday afternoon mimosa hour. Under the tent, after the insanity.

Penland was wonderful. I saw a lot of good people, old friends, new friends, and I stood barefoot on the grass as much as possible. Oh yeah, and there was the auction too, which went very smoothly and made a billion dollars. Well, $528,230. Hooray! I like to think they'd make half as much if my crew didn't scrub the dishes as well as we did...

I'm making final preparations for the fall semester; I start teaching on Monday. I'm nervous and excited and looking forward to being busier.

My friend Michelle Caplan made a nice mention of me on decor8. Michelle is a wonderful mixed-media artist and an all-around clever girl. She works at Henry Road, and will be the featured artist there this fall, after they clear out my work.

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