Thursday, June 12, 2008

Penelope and an Earthquake.

Tonight is the opening reception for my show at Henry Road in Studio City. 6-9 pm. See you there? If I look a bit tired, please pardon me. My to-do list has been a little ridiculous lately.

I have been working so so hard. Sleep is boring. Almost ALL the work at Henry Road is new. The Newest New ever. I'm really pleased with these pieces...see if you don't agree. I will eventually post more images of the work in the store.

Still trying to get things together and ready for my Installation at Studio Channel Islands... I drove up there last week to look at the gallery, and it's such an interesting and beautiful place. There will be a reception for that exhibition on June 28, 4-6. If I look a little tired on that occasion, it's becasue I return from Maine the night before.

Oh, that's right...I should probably go pack for Maine.

I'm at 95 sales in my Etsy store. Lovely! I will be posting more pieces for sale in July.


sweetcheese said...

It sounds like you are already off to Maine, but I thought I would cheer for this piece anyway--it is fantastic. There is something about your lines, asymmetry, and mixed media that speaks to me. Thank you for sharing this one! (And cute name for it too.)

sMacThoughts said...

The piece in the photo is lovely. Congrats on the opening, and enjoy Maine!

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